Live Stream Anytime

The Capture camera is a tiny multi-functional device that can record video, take pictures, live stream to Facebook Live and YouTube Live, and allow users to remote view into the camera through our free app. The video feed from the Capture will stream directly to your Facebook page or to your YouTube channel.  No need to hold your phone up to broadcast while enjoying yourself at a concert or sporting event, or focusing at your seminar, meeting, and lecture.  Now you can wear, clip or mount the Capture and the video will instantly show up on your Facebook timeline or YouTube channel Live.

Wearable Clippable Mountable

The WOLFCOM® Capture is the world’s first wearable live stream camera designed for everyone.  With Facebook and YouTube Live becoming very popular across all generations, and now with the help of your Capture, anyone can be a star.  It’s like having your very own broadcasting studio wherever you go.  Just clip the camera wherever you want to capture and stream from your location and point of view - it’s that easy.


Intelligent Mobile App

Downloadable free from Google Play or the Apple Store, the WOLFCOM® App sends your live stream to social media, and also acts like a remote control for your Capture.  It allows you to save videos and pictures directly on your phone or to the optional MicroSD card.  No need to transfer to a computer.  All settings for the Capture can be configured using the WOLFCOM® App.

Remote Viewing

Grant access for others to remote in to view live video footage from your Capture and see what you see.  Use the Capture as a security camera to monitor your babysitter while out on your date.  Have your dog walker use the Capture so you can keep an eye on your precious pet and more.  The Capture remote view feature is also password protected, so only people you trust will be able to see your video feed.


Lightweight and Durable

The Capture camera is a tiny multi-functional device.  It is only 24.5 grams and 1.61 x 1.61 x 0.51 inches, making it one of the smallest wearable live stream camera.

24-Hour Battery Pack

Why settle for 2 hours of battery when you can have 24 hours of continuous recording and live streaming? Simply connect the Capture to our battery pack and you can record for an entire day without having to worry about your Capture running out of battery.

wolfcom capture plugged in a 24-hour battery pack
Wearable Camera


Size: 1.61 x 1.61 x 0.51 inches
Aperture: F2.5
Field of View: 120 degrees
Clip: Removable
Weight: 24.5 grams
Memory: Removable MicroSD card up to 64GB, Class 6 or up (MicroSD card not included)
Battery Life: 2.5 hours (1 hour with Wi-Fi)
Video: 1280x720; 640x480
Image: 1280x720 JPEG
Connectivity: Micro-USB 2.0; Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Indicator LED: 1* LED light (blue/red)
Modes: Automatic continuous, loop, time-lapse and slow-motion recording
Microphone: Built-in
App: WOLFCOM App for iOS 8.0 or up/Android 4.0 or up
Weather Resistant: Yes